In Awe Roofing Nominated for SBBC Award

In Awe Roofing has been nominated by our customers and community for the 2017 SBBC People’s Choice Award. The Small Business BC Awards Organization recognizes the contributions and achievements of small business owners and entrepreneurs. “In Awe Roofing is honoured to be considered for the People’s Choice Award from SBBC”, says Rick Najim, In Awe […]

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energy efficient metal roofing

Why Metal Roofing is so Energy Efficient

When it comes to roofing, metal roofing trumps most other types of roofing materials in the energy efficiency department. Why is metal roofing so energy efficient? We outline some of the top reasons below. Reflecting Heat Since the sun is high above us in the sky, the sun primarily shines down on your roof as […]

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fall roof replacement

Why Fall is the Best Time to Replace a Roof

Many roofing contractors will tell you that Fall is one of the best time to schedule your roof replacement project. Fall offers a break from the harsh weather patterns we see over the summer and winter months. Here are some of the top reasons to consider scheduling your roof replacement over the beautiful Autumn months. […]

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autumn roof maintenance

Autumn Roof Maintenance Tips

With winter around the corner, the fall season is the perfect time to do some roof maintenance on your home. Preventative roof maintenance will help take care of your roof before harsh weather starts to hit in your area. We’ve outlined some of the top roof maintenance items you should look into over the fall […]

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bbb roofing contractor

Always Choose a BBB Accredited Roofer

When it comes time for your roof to be replaced or repaired, you will need to start searching for a qualified, professional roofing contractor. Because of the integral role the roof plays in the structure and protection of a building, homeowners should carefully consider potential roofers to ensure their roofs will be properly repaired or […]

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A Homebuyer’s Guide to Roofs

When you’re considering buying a new home, it is always important to ensure everything is in functional and working condition throughout the house. One of the most important elements to look at is the roof of the home you’re considering. A roof can be an added expense shortly after moving in if you’re not prepared […]

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What to Consider when Installing a Skylight

With rising utility costs, energy efficiency is on many homeowner’s minds. Not only does quality skylight installation help to reduce the cost of your energy bills by providing natural light for your home, and can also provide added health benefits. Sunlight provides a natural source of vitamin D, a crucial vitamin that most people do […]

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Why Ventilation Impacts Your Roof

Your roof requires adequate ventilation in the attic area, especially during the colder winter months and warmer summer months. Proper ventilation allows air to circulate freely under the roof and prevents issues from occurring. Why Ventilate Your Roofing System Many roofing and home efficiency problems start with poor attic ventilation.Have you ever noticed that your […]

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choosing the right shingles for your home

Choosing the Right Shingle for your Home

When it comes to new roof installations, it is always best to spend the extra money on quality roofing materials for your new roof installation. High quality materials help to ensure your new roof can withstand the various elements presented by mother nature, while providing greater durability and protection. Since asphalt shingles are the most […]

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5 Questions

5 Questions to ask a Roofing Contractor

When it comes to hiring a roofing contractor, whether your problem is big or small, it is crucial that you hire a reliable and professional roofing contractor that you can trust. Your roof is a major part of your home, so regardless of your issue, you want to ensure that your project is in the […]

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Did we mention that as a manufacturer-certified installer, we are able to offer the best warranties on the market for every roof we install? Up to 10 years on workmanship and 50 years on materials.