Cold Weather and Roofing Problems

Well, we all know that when the winter comes it comes along with a lot of cold, snow, ice and it normally cause lots of problems to the homeowners. In this article we address some of the roof problems that comes along with the winter season and help you with some advice on how to deal with the problems. Keep reading and get to learn more about winter roofing.

There are many roof problems and risks that comes along with winter that can hurt your roof. Actually, there are some problems that can cause more serious problems to other components of your building. The following are some of the problems that comes along with the winter weather that can seriously affect your roof.

Accumulating Snow

The snow that is normally accumulated during the winter more especially the heavy one that comes as we are nearing spring can cause serious structural damage like breaking rafters and ultimately leading to a collapse of the entire roof. This can be a serious challenge especially to the older buildings whose framing might be below the modern standards. Or even the newer ones that did not have the framing structured the right way.

Fall Injuries

There have been reported serious injuries and even deaths while some people are trying to shovel out the snow from their roofs or trying to fix a problem without knowing how to follow the procedure. And there are some secondary damages that normally comes with the winter weather. For example, some people might damage the gutters as they are trying to get rid of the ice on the roof while others damage the shingles as they try to do the same. And by damaging the gutters and shingles, it will lead to leakages to your roof and other problems that might cost you more money to fix.

Blocked Vents

The vents that are too short can be seriously be affected by snow that comes along with the winter season. This will lead to poor drainage and can sometimes lead to sewer gas backup into your building- unsanitary which can even lead to explosion.

Broken Shingles

Well, if your roof has been in place for more than 15 years, it will be at a higher risk of cracked broken shingles. This happens when the temperature rise and causes them to expand and when the temperature go down it causes the shingles to contract which in turn causes the cracking of the shingles.

Skylight Leaks

The winter season comes along with snow and when it covers the skylight that is damaged already or one that was not properly installed or properly sealed it might lead to leakages.

Ice Dams

Well, ice dams is the most common problem that is associated with winter and roofs. The leaks to the roofs leads to some costly issues of growth of molds, creating a welcoming party to the insects and rotting problems. The problem might be more costly to fix than most people might be tempted to think.

So even if the question excludes the problem of ice dams it is important that the people understand that ice dams is a very serious problem and it can affect more than just the roof itself. Ice dams affects the roof cavity, can lead to leaks to the attic and it can be a welcoming invitation for the insects who will destroy the woods and other serious threats that can affect your building.


The annoying noise that comes along with the winter weather is also a problem that should be taken seriously. Like for example on a flat and low slope roofs, the expanding freezing ice on the roof might cause a terrific noise that can be very disturbing.

Is it too late to roof in the winter?

Well, roofing can be done all year round, However if the re-roofing is not done by an expert especially during the winter season, it is very possible that the roof will start leaking within a very short time after it has been replaced.

It needs to be replaced with extra care and the roof need to be hand nailed in order to avoid any problem that might come along with the use of roofing guns. And as a matter of fact the roofing can take less time as most roofing contractors are normally less busy during a time like this and so the whole focus is going to be on your roof.

It is just our opinion but for the best roofing maybe you can wait till spring if your roof can withstand till then. This is because the roofs installed during the winter can come with certain set of problems like the fact that you may have to install your roof on contrary to the advice of most manufacturers.

If not installed by an expert it can lead to cracked shingles where they had to be bent while they were being installed. Some workers might be in such a hurry to get out of the cold and due to the haste it might lead to inadequate nailing, or sloppy shingle placement. Another problem that might come along with winter roofing is inadequate flashing or sealing and this can lead to more problems as time goes by.

But the good news is that you don’t have to worry if you want your roof replaced during the winter because we have got you covered. We have the experience and expertise to help you in times like this. You can count on us for excellent craftsmanship as we understand every problems that comes with winter roofing and how to deal with them.