In Awe Roofing offers a wide range of aluminum soffit and fascia installation, repairs and replacement in Greater Vancouver Area. Proper fascia and soffit installation is an often unnoticed element that can cause major headaches if ignored.

Fascia Repairs

As water falls over the rain gutters – it makes contact with the fascia just under the eavestrough. The wood strip we know as the fascia is the line of defense for the edge of the roof at the decking and it doesn’t suffer water well. Water will peel paint and when it does it exposes the wood strip – a fascia repair will help re-instate the fascia’s good health and stop any problem from proliferating along the track.

Rotten Fascia Replacement

Water can cause serious damage to your fascia causing it to rot from the inside and not be immediately visible. We can check your fascia and once the fascia is pulled from the roof, it can be inspected for mold growth or wood rot, any sign of problems requires a fascia replacement to cut the infectious mold and rot out of the system before it climbs into the attic.

Built-In EPDM Gutter Repair & Replacement

We offer a wide range of gutter repair and replacement services including Built-in EPDM gutter repair and replacement for EPDM roofing systems. Our process is non-invasive with our team working quickly and effectively to remediate the problem and ensure a stress free roofing system remains in place for your home or business.


The attic needs fresh air inserted on a regular basis to keep temperatures in a close proximity to the outdoor temperature. Using the soffit for air return is what the soffit was created for – a panel designed with holes that let air rise through the panel that is installed under the fascia. Dust can be the enemy of the soffit as the dust will fill the holes and limit the air return to the attic. A soffit repair in Vancouver can help bring fresh air into the attic in a timely fashion. Humid air will be the biggest problem your attic can face – the wet air will get into the joists and rafters – if that the problem you’re dealing with, know that a soffit replacement should be done as soon as possible.

Gutter Repair & Replacement

Gutters take water that comes from the shingles and sends it to the downspouts to deposit the water on the ground at a place where the water will drain away from the house. Be mindful that leaves can make their way into the channel and create blockages. That blockage can be all that water needs to escape over the sides. A gutter repair is one way to keep water in the channel and on the way to the downspouts. Damage to the gutter system is caused by material like branches, and twigs and that is the cause of water leaks along the eavestrough making an eavestrough replacement necessary. Get in touch with our team as soon as possible to schedule a consultation for your gutter replacement.


Did we mention that as a manufacturer-certified installer, we are able to offer the best warranties on the market for every roof we install? Up to 10 years on workmanship and 50 years on materials.