Residential Tile Roofing

High quality roofing materials that offer a vintage, yet luxurious look to your home

Residential Tile Roofing

Tile roofs provide homeowners with numerous benefits over other roofing materials including long lifespans, high weather resistance, and minimal maintenance.

Residential Tile Roofs

We used only the highest quality tile roofing projects in our roofing projects. Tile roofs offer many benefits, including:

  • Fire Resistance
  • Durability
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Weather Resistance
  • Beautiful Appearance

Types of Roof Tiles

Clay roof tiles come in a wide variety of types and shapes to suit your needs:

Interlocking clay roof tiles - These are designed in pairs with one tile essentially hooking the other.

Overlapping clay roof tiles - These pieces aren’t restricted to pairs and are installed by nailing them to the roof structure.

Flat clay roof tiles -Flat clay tile shingles may seem rather plain, but they look very smart and elegant. The most common variations are English, closed, and slab shingle as well as French clay roof tiles. The latter option has the most elaborate profile.

Tile Roof Repairs & Maintenance

While tile roofs are extremely durable, like any roofing system, harsh weather can cause damage, even to tile roofs. Our team at In Awe Roofing has over a decade of experience repairing and maintaining tile roofs in all shapes and sizes.

We offer comprehensive tile roofing maintenance as well as one-time repairs. If you're concerned your tile roof may have been damaged at any point, get in touch with our team to book your free, no obligation tile roof inspection and consultation before the damage escalates and starts causing problems on the interior of your home.

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Did we mention that as a manufacturer-certified installer, we are able to offer the best warranties on the market for every roof we install? Up to 10 years on workmanship and 50 years on materials.