Certainteed Flintlastic

Self-adhering SBS modified bitumen commercial roofing material

Flintlastic by Certainteed

Flintlastic is a self-adhering modified bitumen specifically designed for low-slow commercial roofing applications

What is Flintlastic?

Flintlastic SA Cap is manufactured using a high performance, stress-resistant polyester mat impregnated and coated with a superior grade of modified bitumen compound. It is surfaced on the bottom with a removable release film and on the top with mineral granules. The combination mat provides excellent tear and puncture resistance.

Benefits of Flintlastic

Flintlastic SA delivers the reliable protection of traditional modified bitumen roofing for a fraction of the labour, plus:

  • No torch or risk of fire
  • No building occupant disturbance
  • No mess application
  • Reduced insurance requirements
  • Wide range of colour options available

Flintlastic Installation

Flintlastic Roofing systems are relatively easy to install and tend to be much faster to install than other commercial roofing systems due to the size of sheets and self adhesion. Flintlastic materials can be produced in large widths, reducing the number of seams between sheets.

Flintlastic roofs are installed using a bonding adhesive to adhere the material to the surface of the roof. This can be done over top of existing roofing systems and various substrates, however, it is best to remove any existing roofing prior to installing the Flintlastic roof to ensure that the application remains perfectly flat, and eliminate the risk of any leaks from gaps between the two systems.

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