When is the Best Time to Redo Your Gutters

The truth is that when you do the regular maintenance to your gutters and you clean them regularly, they can last for a very long time. However, either for a lack of maintenance or if the gutters got damaged due to bad weather conditions, you should consider replacing them.

The main goal of having gutters and downspouts working well is that they are the ones responsible to gather the water from the roof and direct the flow away from the shingles, foundation, and siding of your home. Whenever gutters and downspouts are not working properly, your home may suffer severe damages because of the water.


o, how can you determine if your gutters are still working well or if they need to be replaced?

The truth is that just the same way as you do a home maintenance checkup, the roof and siding, you should also carefully inspect your gutters on a regular basis. One of the best periods to see if they are still working well is when you are cleaning the fall leaves. You will need to pay attention to see if the sections are loose, as well as if the gutters aren’t cracked or rusted. In case you notice that the gutters ate floppy or bent, this may be another indication that your gutters need to be replaced. Last but not least, the mold is also one of the main causes that may lead you to change your gutters. The truth is that the mold may start forming on the outside of your home, even slowly, where your gutters leak.

When you notice any of these problems on your gutters, this doesn’t always mean that you will need to replace the entire system. In many occasions, you will only need to replace the part that is broken or damaged. And this is actually a good thing since replacing the entire gutters system may be very expensive. Nevertheless, no matter how much it is, replacing the entire gutters system or just the area that is damaged is always a good idea. And the sooner you do it, the better. After all, it will be a lot more expensive if the fixing water starts damaging your foundation or your roof.

So, when should you replace your gutters? When is the best time to do it?

The reality is that the best time to replace an area or the entire gutters system is during the dry seasons. Usually, what most homeowners tend to do is that they take advantage of the period when they are putting a new roof or re-roofing and have their gutters system replaced.

Even if you’re not re-roofing, you should always think about dry seasons. The truth is that the best time to redo your gutters is before the worst of the rainy season.

In case you live in an area where the rainy season is long, you can always consider copper gutters since these ones tend to be more durable. Nevertheless, no matter the material that you choose for your gutters, the reality is that you are always making a great investment for your home.