5 Roofing Myths Debunked

You can’t deny the importance of roofs in our everyday lives, but the complexity surrounding them has lead to a lot of confusion. Many people have misconceptions about roofing which has left many people believing things that are simply untrue. The myths we outline below should help homeowners to improve their understanding of common roofing issues.

You Can Re-Roof Over Existing Shingles

This myth has lead to many costly roof repairs for homeowners. New roof shingles should never be applied over old shingles or you run the risk of your roof failing years earlier than it should.

All Shingles Are The Same Quality

Even though all asphalt shingles are manufacturered using the same material, it’s not a guarantee that they share the same qualities and properties. During manufacturing, different textiles and colours are used to make asphalts of different varieties. These additions affect both the price and quality of different shingles. Going with the cheapest option is almost guaranteed to fail well before it’s useful lifespan has run it’s course. Talk to a professional Vancouver Roofing Contractor if you’re unsure what shingles are best for your situation.

Metal Roofs Make Your Home Warmer

This issue was simply taken out of context by many homeowners. In reality, metal roofs are great at conducting more heat than asphalt roofs, but it doesn’t make your home warmer. Your choice of roofing material isn’t a significant dictator of your home’s interior warmth.

Metal Roofs Lower The Value Of Your Home

Whoever first said this obviously didn’t have a metal roof of their own. Metal roofs actually significant increase the value of your home due to the long lifespan they offer. Since your home won’t need a new roof for the duration of your time living in the home, the cost of maintenance and replacement is drastically reduced which will be appreciated by any buyer.

I Can do My Roof Repairs Myself

While some people are quite handy and fully capable of performing perfect repairs on their roof, in most cases, that’s not the case. If everyone were able to repair their own roof, there would be no need for roofing contractors to own businesses. The reality is that repairing your own roof is unlikely to yield the same end-result as having your roof repaired by a professional that does these types of repairs every single day. Most often, homeowners end up having to call a roofing professional anyways when their own DIY repair fails. Depending on the severity of the damage, you may not be covered by insurance if they discover you attempted to make repairs to your roofing system on your own.