Do you need to repair, patch, or replace your roof?

As a homeowner, you probably know that your home is inhabitable without a proper roof. If you don’t then you need to realize that without a properly maintained roof, you will not live comfortably in your house. The damage may begin to cause leaks and create situations where living in your house becomes unbearable. A roof protects your family and property from practically everything: rain, snow, sunshine and harmful debris.

Unfortunately, roofs cannot last forever. Even slate tiles which can last up to 100 years will need to be replaced after they outlive their life span. They may not need to be completely replaced. A little attention here and care there can increase their shelf life.

It is easy to notice the warning signs but it is difficult to tell whether the roof needs repair, patching up or a total replacement.

The red flags to watch out for

This is how you tell that you roof may need to be either repaired, patched or replaced:

  • If there are missing shingles
  • If there has been a discolouration of your roofing
  • If you have experienced an indoor leaking
  • If you notice spots on the ceiling
  • If the roof begins to root causing severe damage to its entirety

These warning signs will indicate that it is time to do something about your roof.

When your roof needs to be patched up or repaired

As mentioned, you cannot avoid the fact that your roof will need to be replaced sooner or later. But that is not always the first option. A pretty new roof that has a minor damage only needs to be patched or repaired as a more effective alternative. In the following situations, patching or repairing your roof will be okay:

  • When a strong wind or a fallen branch strikes your roof. In such situations, some damage to a few shingles may be incurred. For such, a repair is good enough
  • Once you check your roof and find some shingles missing, you must repair it
  • When you notice an isolated part of your roof is leaking, it is a sign that patching is needed to preserve its lifespan.

You can patch up your roof as a DIY project. Repairs are best done by professionals.

When your roof requires full replacement

Sometimes you may be interested in only repairing your roof yet it may actually require replacement. Some of the reasons that your roof may need to be replaced include:

  • Roofs wear out with age especially if they are past their life span
  • When shingles start curling at the edges and there are large patches of discolouration
  • When flashings separate from the rest of the roof. As this happens, the shingles are missing especially in the roof’s valley
  • Clogging of the gutters due to large debris from the shingles

Most roofing replacements are done by professional roofers because of the complexity, skill and physical agility needed.

You should not repair and patch your roof when it needs to be replaced or replace it when it can easily be fixed by repairing or patching. Watch out for the red flags and know when a certain action is more appropriate.