DIY Roof Replacement vs. Professional Roof Replacement

Today, technology has increased the accessibility of information about anything and everything. People can engage in DIY projects for practically anything they want to do except maybe perform surgery or anything that requires pre-acquired skills. DIY projects are becoming popular because they reduce costs and they encourage people to learn. Some people have gone as far as replacing their roofs themselves rather than hiring professionals. While the reasons for this can be understand, a lot is at stake when it comes to DIY roof replacement.

Pros of DIY roof replacement

  • It requires a lot of physical activity
  • When constructing your own roof, you have to know every inch of it so you are more aware of your home’s structure
  • Replacing your own roof and it turns out well brings a feeling of accomplishment and sense of self-pride
  • DIY Roofing results in reduced labour costs

Cons of DIY Roof Replacement

  • You may not possess the training, experience, physical agility and strength that is required to successfully construct a roof
  • While you may be reducing the labour costs, you will have to invest money in the right tools and equipment
  • Today’s roofing systems have a complex engineering. Therefore, a roofer must possess knowledge about the best type of roofing materials for a structure. When you make mistakes in installing air vent systems, flashing, skylights and gutters, you will eventually spend more than you would have if you had hired professionals in the first place.
  • Licensed roofers maintain liability insurance to protect themselves and you against any roofing accidents. You may not have the same coverage as they do to undertake a roofing project safely. When you don’t and an accident happens to occur which causes injury to yourself or others, you will have significant injury and liability expenses.
  • DIY Roof replacement is not covered by some insurance policies
  • Since you are not purchasing roofing supplies in high volumes like roofing contractors, you may face higher prices when purchasing materials and equipment
  • Repairing and unsuccessful DIY roofing project can be expensive.
  • Pros of Professional Replacement

    • It is safer because they have liability insurance to protect them against any accidents
    • They have the physical agility, experience, training and expertise to do the work properly
    • They possess the relevant knowledge when it comes to the complex engineering of roofs. They can even give you advice on what roofing materials are best your structure
    • With professionals, they will hardly be any mistakes because they know what they are doing
    • They can get competitive prices for the supplies needed in roofing since they are purchasing in bulk

    Cons of Professional Replacement

    The probable disadvantage of hiring professionals is that it might be expensive than a DIY project. But eventually, you may find that you have saved a lot of time, money and energy by choosing professionals.

    The decision on whether to do a DIY roof replacement or go professional is up to. But first you must seriously consider the pros and cons of each option so that you don’t end up regretting.