Five Common Roofing Problems

Spring season is considered as a soothing season by everyone. The warm weather enables the individual to relax. Usually the individual emphasis more upon the indoor tasks such as cleaning windows and walls. The exterior parts of the house particularly the roof are ignored. However, the individual also needs to be aware of the spring threats for commercial as well as residential roofing. After winters the roof of the building had recovered from heavy snow and during spring season it will experience monsoons. The heavy snow can wreak havoc upon the roof. On the other hand, rainy days would give rise to leakage if there are any defects in the roof. Other than these there is a number of other issues that can occur during the spring season. These issues have been projected in this article. The article mainly involves the main five issues that owners of the building or house experience. 

Chimney deterioration 

The chimney needs to be inspected properly in order to identify the cracks which might be occurred due to heavy snowfall. When the warmer season arrives the snow and ice that had settled upon the top of the roof and chimney gradually start to melt. Due to this, the water flows in the cracks of the chimney. Therefore, the decline in temperature during the nights could force out the mortar and bricks will let the water to expand. In this situation, the roofs and chimney get leaky and loose. As a result of this, the chimney would eventually fall down. Therefore, it is very important to conduct a proper inspection of the chimney. If any deterioration has been found out then it is recommended to the owner of the property to hire a specialist of roofing and chimney. 

Active Leaks

With there is an increase in temperature, the ice and snow start to melt from rooftops that lead to leakage. The stains upon the ceilings and walls mainly indicate the leakage in the roof. Rooftop damage is mainly occurred because of excessive moisture and water that has been flowed through the leakage. During these situations, there is a need to call the inspection team to repair and check the issues of leakage. This particular issue could be overcome when there is regular removal of debris from the roof. When it has been noticed that the walls and ceiling have stains then it reflects the need for repairment. The owner of the property needs to inform specialists and conduct a proper inspection of the rooftop. 

Damaged or Clogged Gutters

Leaves which has been amassed over a significant period of time can clog the gutters. Neglecting the proper cleaning of gutters often leads to sagging and rusting. The proper inspection of downspouts and gutters makes sure that there is no debris. Suitable drainage is very vital for preventing the water from pooling up on the surface of the roof. The gutters need to be cleaned on a continuous basis in order to minimize the issue of drainage. Gutters are more likely to be loosened because of extreme debris, wind, and variation in temperature. Faulty gutters mainly lead to water damages since it is revealing the foundation and siding if it has been left unrepaired. 


With the decline in temperature, wild animals mainly search for places that are more comfortable and will able to keep them warm. If the roof of the house or building has loose flashing and siding or a dormant chimney, there is more possibility that critters, birds, squirrels, and raccoons have built a nest on it. An individual would be able to identify that they have illegal tenants when they are able to hear noises of animals and notice a rise in the number of animals near their property.  These unwanted animals could cause issues of electrical wiring and hinder the venting systems. These situations require assistance from the animal removal services so that these animals could be relocated to at proper habitat. After this, the individual is required to call a certified roofing firm in order to carry out a proper inspection of the roof as well as siding for identifying any occurrence of damage.

Moisture Retention

The spring season leads to growth in plants while needles and older leaves might be stuck upon the rooftop. It can result in low sloping rooftops which trap moisture for the elevated time period. In the meantime, shingles have been also occurred during the winter weather which mainly involves damaging ice and winds and the rooftops have to cope with the overflow of a spring thunderstorm. The moisture damage can be considered as one of the most common sources of spring roof problems. As a result, it can be said that it is very crucial to repair roof issues. The heavy snowfall in the winter season could impact the structural integrity of the roof. It results in a sag on the different parts of the roof. When the snow is melted the water is being soaked by the roof and leads to significant moisture along with condensation concerning issues within the attic. 

The article has indicated the various types of issues which mainly occurs during the spring seasons. The issues which have been identified in this article are leakage roof, deterioration of chimney, clogged gutters, excessive level of moisture, and pest issues or animal infestation. Clogging and overflow of water is the main reason for broken eaves. The loose siding or flashings, dormant chimneys, and corroded facia boards lead to critter which is more likely to reside during changes in weather conditions. Moreover, there is a significant need to take care of properties that are older. Proper inspection needs to be done for these kinds of buildings since it is more likely to have a considerable proportion of risk. Leakage of water is considered the most damaging aspect of the rooftop. The owner of the property needs to keep a proper eye on the various aspects that lead to rooftop issues.