How Snow Impacts your Roof

With the winter right around the corner, there are many things for which we are preparing. We have taken a lot of precautions to protect yourself from the winter or its harsh effect. However, what about the house? What about the roof of the house that guards us against the snow? That is something that people tend to miss or worse not pay enough attention to. They think that the roof of the house will protect them from the snow and it doesn’t need any protection of its own. They think that the roof will handle all the things by itself and they do not need to intervene in the process. We would like to mention that this is very wrong and often this has led to many people pay a heavy price for their actions. It is better to take care of the roof and take enough precautions so that the roof isn’t damaged from the snow and it can get rid of the snow from itself easily. We know that this might sound awkward to you, however, this is something that must be done. First, let us see why the snow is harmful to the roof.

Is Snow Harmful to your Roof?

If you are living in an area that experiences high snow or blizzard then you might have seen snow sticking on the roof of the house. You might think that it makes your house look beautiful or more scenic, however, the truth is the opposite of it. The snow that is accumulated on the roof is slowly destroying the roof and it is better to get rid of the snow on the roof. The reason is simple. The snow that is collected on top of the roof has some weight. While the layer of the snow is thin, the weight is negligible. However, as the roof collects more snow, the amount of snow on the roof increases. This leads to an overall increase in the weight of the snow. Many times, the weight of the roof exceeds what the house can hold and it leads to the roof collapsing. This can lead to loss of life and property. To avert such a situation, it is best to get rid of the snow on the roof. Many smart people, pre-plans for the snow on their roof and make sure that the snow automatically falls form their roof. However, if you have not done so, then we will tell you the best ways in which you can get rid of the excess snow from your rooftop easily.

Preventing Snow Accumulation

Amongst all the methods that we are going to tell you, the best one is to construct your roof in such a way that it will automatically lead to the sliding of the snow down from it. Many roof structures can help the snow to automatically slide down from the roof. This solves the problem completely and one doesn’t have to clean the roof every day. This is the best method available in the market, however, if your roof isn’t designed in such a way, then you can follow the below-given methods to clear the snow from the roof.

Use a Snow Rake

This is one of the most intelligent ways to get rid of the snow on the roof. Many people make a mistake of leaving the accumulated snow of the earth. They think that the rays of the sun will help to melt the snow and thus the snow accumulation will be prevented. In reality, it hardly occurs. This mistake of some people will lead up to the continuous building of snow on the top. To prevent that, from happening, the person can use a snow rack. The normal snow rack available in the market can stretch up to 18 feet in length. Take a ladder and stand on it. Use the snow rake to clear off the snow that is accumulated on the roof manually. While doing so, make sure that you do not dislocate the shingles as it will cause you even more trouble.

Chip Away Ice Buildup

Another good way to remove the snow from the roof is to use an ice pick or awl. You can use this to clean the entrance of the gutter. One must keep their gutter clean as the melted ice will leave the roof with the help of the gutter. You can use the pickaxe or awl to remove the ice from the entrance of the gutter. This will allow some of the ice to melt and get out of the roof as water. This method works well as the work amount is less and the result is significant.

Use an Ice Melter

Some of the material that exists in the market or home can cause the ice to melt. These are some of the best ways to get rid of the ice on the roof. Just use some of these materials and spray it on the roof. These materials will cause the ice to melt slowly and come out of the roof from the gutter. The downside of this is that one might need to spend extra money, however, they will get a fast result from doing so. Many times, the materials required to melt the ice are found at home and one doesn’t need to go to market as well. Some examples of these ice melting products are fertilizer, pesticide, potassium chloride, etc.

Warm Water

This method will work only if the weather in your area is not super cold. You can take some cold water in a bottle and spray it on the ice. The hot and cold water will mix and cause the ice to melt. This will cause the ice to come out of the roof as water. However, the method works only if the weather is not too cold. If the weather is cold, then the hot water will turn cold and will only result in increasing the ice or snow on the roof.