Preparing your Roof for Winter

Winter is coming, and as it approaches you should be prepared for the freezing rain and the heavy snow that comes along with it. And of course the snow will not only fall on the streets alone, it gets to your roof as well and when it does, it comes with some serious effects on it. We have heard of roofs being damaged during the winter and children having to spend time in the cold which can be a lead to serious health problems.

When the rain burst and the ice and snow fall on your roof when you are unprepared, your roof might experience some flaws that can be extremely difficult to fix immediately. Just climbing on the roof on when it is full of ice and snow is no easy task, leave alone fixing the problem. And when you manage to get a professional to help you out, it might end up costing you more money and most of the time it is going to take longer to fix than it should.

But the good news is that there is a way of getting prepared for the winter and the problems that comes with it. Prepare for the hard times to come during the autumn when the weather is favorable which allows you and a professional roofer have a good time inspecting the roof.

Proper maintenance of the roof prior to the serious winter weather is very essential to protecting the interior of the house and the things inside of it. You will have mental peace knowing that your roof is well prepared for the hard times to come and you will be spending your time in a warm enough house that is not using more energy than it should just because it is winter.

Inspect your roof with the help from a professional like 2 times a year and save yourself from the troubles that comes along with winter. Focusing on your roof just before winter, here are some tips that are going to help you be prepared for the cold season.

Maintain Surrounding Trees

The dead trees and the heavy branches that are surrounding your house can be a serious problem when the winter season comes. The lifeless branches can crash on your roof when the heavy downpour starts and to make it even worse, a lifeless tree around the house can be destructive just in case the rain is too strong and the tree falls on your house. The branches can also smash the shingles, windows and panels as they are falling.

And not forgetting that the branches can also act as a bridge to the rodents to cross and get to your attic and from there more troubles will be on their way. So be sure to take care of the trees by trimming the overhanging branches and if a tree looks like it is not strong enough maybe you can just cut it down before the winter comes.

Clean your Gutters

It is very important to make sure that you clean your gutters during the autumn months and the other months of course. Check out for any pine needles, debris, leaves and twigs which are capable of blocking the path for the gutters. This is crucial because the gutters are vital when it comes to draining the rain water and melted water from the snow.

The downspouts that are normally attached are very important guiding the water out but they need to be working properly for them to perform their functions. If the downspouts are clogged by the debris, leaves, pine needles and the twigs, they will not perform their primary functions perfectly and this will lead to overflow on the roof and this will cause damage to your roof and from there cause problems to the interior of your house.

I know it is boring unclogging the gutters but it is a crucial step for preparing for the hard times to come during the winter. You can access the gutters of your roof using a ladder or you can use a horse end attachment to unclog the gutters. To ensure that the gutters are protected from the debris and stuff like that, be sure to install a leaf guard.

Install Attic Ventilation

Winter comes with snow and ice and there are some of ice that remains and can warp the shingles and hence causing cold air into your home. The goal of the attic ventilation is to allow air to circulate freely within it and this leads to less buildup of ice and snow on the roof. Making this step might possibly save you good amount of money. This is because it is going to lower the energy bills by up to 30 percent! That is definitely a genius move.

Replace Loose Shingles

Take your time and inspect your roof for any missing loose or missing shingles and replace them as soon as possible. The shingles have a purpose of making sure that your roof stays dry and if winter comes and finds your shingles not in the best conditions then you will be in for a problem. It will not take you much time nor is it expensive. It will be a wise move to use the little amount now to replace the shingles or you will need to replace the entire roof in the near future.

You can even hire a professional to help you inspect the roof the right way and provide you with the best advice in preparation for the winter. And just in case you are in need for any roofing services, you can be sure to get help from us. We are a trusted organization who have been doing this for a long time and you can count on us to provide you with the best roofing services.