Pros and Cons of Solar Roofing

The roof is one of the most important aspects of the house. It helps to protect the house from many harmful things and also provide a sort of protection to the house. However, many of the roofs nowadays are made multi-tasking. These types of roofs not only protect the person from rain, storm, snow, etc, but it also helps to generate electricity in the house. Yes, these types of roofs are made from solar shingles and are popularly called solar roofs. These roofs are designed with the help of solar shingles and they help to capture the sunlight and convert it into the energy, they function very similarly to that of the solar panel however there are numerous ways in which the solar shingle is better than solar panels. Lets first see what are solar shingles

Solar shingles are called by the name of photovoltaic cells and they are designed to look like solar panels however they are small in size and more affordable than solar panels. These are a variety of solar energy solution that is also called by the name of Building-Integrated Photovoltaic. They help to convert the sunlight into energy and then store it for later use.

Are Solar Shingles a Good Idea?

The solar shingles are a new concept that has been gaining popularity over the years. The green energy movement has promoted these shingles and many people are nowadays looking to get their roof made from solar shingles. This is because there are many benefits to solar shingles. They cost less than solar panels and are more efficient than solar panels. They promote the green energy movement and aim to provide natural energy at your disposal easily. Due to the boom of green energy, various companies are working on solar roofs and making progress to provide affordable solar shingles and their installation.

Many people believe that solar shingles aren’t much durable and cannot last long. However, that all claims are false. Various studies have been conducted on the solar shingles and it has come out that the solar shingles are quite durable and can help the roof to last long enough for around 5-6 decades easily. The reason why people prefer solar shingles is that they have many benefits and are much preferable because of their energy creation and storage system. The energy required to run the house is often provided by these solar shingles and this helps people to cut off their electricity bills greatly. Let’s start with the advantages of solar shingles and see why they are beneficial to many people.

Advantages of Solar Shingles

There are many advantages of solar shingles that are helping it to become more popular nowadays. The solar shingles help to increase the energy produced due to the sun rays. An average solar shingles covered roof can produce more than 60% of the total energy required by the house. This helps the person to effectively cover their bills and keep their saving and expenditure to the minimum. The roof made from solar shingles are quite durable and they last long. With proper care, one can expect the solar shingles to last for half a century or more. The heat produced by the solar shingles can also be used to keep the water warm and provide good insulation to the house. Another good thing about these solar shingles is that they are lighter and more compact than the solar panels. They do not require any wires or management that will cause a ruckus in the future. These are easier to use and keep the house powered for a long time. The solar shingles can produce electricity from solar rays. They do not cause any pollution or cause any distress over the environment.

Disadvantages of Solar Shingles

While there are many advantages of solar shingles, there are also some disadvantages of solar shingles. The main disadvantage of solar shingles is their cost. Even though they are more affordable than solar panels, these solar shingles do cost a lot. Based on the roof area and number of tiles one needs, the price of solar roofing can go over 60000$ easily. As the roof area increases, the cost of solar roofing also increases. This might seem like a serious investment to you, however in our opinion, it is just a one-time investment, and the result you get is too good to deny this investment. The electricity bill of the house drops drastically and this will help you to save money easily. Many people say that the investment of 60000$ is returned within 4-5 years of using solar roofing. Another good drawback of solar roofing is that they are only useful in places that receive direct sunlight for more than 10-12 hours. This will give them enough fuel to convert the solar ray into energy easily. In places, where there is not effective light, the concept of solar roofing is not good.

Solar Shingles over the Winter

Often People doubt how solar roofing can sustain cold weather or winters? They think that solar shingles become ineffective in winters, however, they are completely wrong here. In reality, the best time to operate solar shingles is during winter when there is cold and sunny weather outside. Their performance is maximum at that time and they can convert the solar ray more easily to energy. Also, their durability and structure make them immune to rain, snow, or hailstone.

Solar roofing is a great concept and it should be implemented to the house where it can function properly and generate enough energy. They are a great step towards sustainable developments and they can help to easily subside the use of non-renewable resources in the world. They also help to protect the house from rain, snow, etc. If you can afford solar roofing, then we advise you to get it done as it will help your house immensely in the future.