The Most Important Parts of your Roof

One of the very important things on your house is a roof, sometimes you just need to understand what the roof is composed of whethere you are planning to repair it yourself or not. Have you ever been told some part of the roof by your roofer and you didn’t understand what they meant? Well, that is the reason you need to learn about all the parts of the roof and what role they play on the roof. Today we will be looking at all the parts of the roof that you need to know and what function they play on the roof.


This is a part of the roof that is found in very many places of the roof, it might be on the chimney, or in the valleys and in very many other places especially when you are installing some devices on the roof. They are normally made of metal; however there are some few made of plastic. The flashing is very important in the places where there is no smooth continuity so that it can prevent the water from penetrating the place. They are used as waterproofs. For instance a flashing metal put under a roof material during installation of a solar panel helps to cover up for the discontinuity of the material brought about by drilling studs in the roof.


A ridge is the highest part of the roof, this is especially in the pitched roofs, it is not found in flat roofs. It runs horizontal across the roofing materials at a point where the two slanting sides of the roof meet. It is responsible for sealing the space left by the two sides because they cannot make a junction which can prevent water from entering the house. Capping of the ridge is very important when you are installing it.


This can be a very common part of the roof. This is very important to your structure; it is put on the roof support first before a roof is laid on top of it. The underlayment is normally made of felt and treated with asphalt to make sure that it does not allow in water, however, it is not only water, it also helps in preventing other hazardous elements including things like fire and even snow hence keeping you safe.

Plumbing vent

This is the small pipe-like feature you normally see rising from your roof just slightly higher. Just from the name, this is a vent that lets in air straight into the plumbing system of the house. The vent is very important in the plumbing because it makes sure that there is a correct flow of waste water in the septic tank.

Roof vents

There are very many vents in the roof that are very important in keeping. This is very important to keep the attic area ventilated. If the attic area is not well ventilated there will be too much hot air in the area hence causing water droplets which will have a very great danger to the roof support and the roof cover which will in turn cause rust especially if the roof is made of metal. The roof vents should be enough to be able to serve the attic with enough air supply so that hot air can move out as cold air moves in. They are very important in keeping the temperature of the house regulated.


This is the most common; it is a board that horizontally stretches along the edges of the roof. They are attached to the gutters, they help to give a house a beautiful look and also prevent the entry of water and other destructing things.


This is part of the drainage system on the house. It helps in directing the rainwater from the roof to the ground. This part of the roof is normally positioned close to the chimney. The saddle helps in the prevention of the penetration of water of water on the roofs causing leaks.

The decking

This is a part of the roof that plays a very big role in reinforcing the structure, they are very important because it provides a surface on which the roof shingles can rest on perfectly. It rests on the beams making it a flat surface and it is also normally made of plywood.


This is a v-shaped part of the roof which normally plays a role of linking the two slopes of the roof. The valley normally comes between two or more pitches of the roof. The valleys are very important when it comes to the flashing of water way from the roof covers. This is the most important because it prevents the water from penetrating.


This is the most important part on the roof which no roof can miss; it is the lower part of the roof where the roof protrudes. This is the part that prevents water for form affecting the walls, the eaves flashes away the water. It also helps to prevent ice dams near the walls. The eaves also play a very big role in keeping the internal part of the roof dry so that they can prevent damages of the parts of the roof.

In conclusion, there is a lot of importance in knowing all the parts of the roof. Sometimes you might want to repair or replace your roof and you might just not know what to buy and what to fix at which point. Sometimes you might even be working with a roofer who might not the genuine and you would want to understand everything they are asking for, this is where this knowledge will be very benefit for you. Finally, you should always consult your roofer before you make a purchase.