The Roof: What to Know When Buying or Selling a House

Selling and buying of homes is the most common thing now, many people opt for buying a readily built home than constructing one of their own from scratch. There are very many things to consider when you are buying or selling a house whether it is a new one or an old one. Among other very many things to consider when buying or selling a house, a roof is one of the most important, the roof is basically what makes it a home look the way it looks, it is also what makes it a shelter and so it should be looked at with a lot of keenness. Below here I have highlighted some important factors that one needs to consider in terms of a roof for both the buyer and the seller.

For the buyer

As a buyer, you cannot just go ahead and buy a house without determining the state of the roof, there is some very important information that you will need to get from the seller that will help you in the maintenance, here are some of the things you need to consider.

The age of the roof

This is actually the very first thing you will need to consider, the age of the roof will determine the frequency of repairs and maintenance. You should check all the parts of the roof to make sure that however old they are working properly, it also helps you to determine where repairs should be made before you enter the house. Also it is very important that you inquire about the lifespan of the roof, this will help you know what time if s remaining for you to reach the period for replacing your roof.

Check for leaks

The worst problem is to buy a house, only to find out that it is leaking, this can be really frustrating, and leaking is very important to check because it is very destructive to the roof support especially if it is made of wood, your furniture too will be affected. If you are checking it yourself, you should mostly check at the valleys, the chimneys, the plumbing vents and many other places that commonly are prone to leaking. If you are not familiar with roof climbing, you don’t need to risk, you cab as well hire a specialists to help you with the inspection, in fact that is the best option because they have experience in the field making it easy to identify the faults.

Check the entire roof drainage system

This is very important because the drainage system of the roof really matters when it comes to keeping the roof safe. For instance the gutters are very important because if they fail to pass the water down, the water will accumulate at the roof making the roof part to rust hence causing problems to your roof. Other places to check on the drainage system of the roof include; the downpipes among many others. Make sure that all these parts are working properly.

Ventilation system

Many people normally forget about this but it is one of the very important things to check on a roof. This is very important to check whether it is on a new house or an old hose. Ventilation is very important for the roof. If the roof is poorly ventilated there might be moisture accumulating in the roof which then turns into water droplets which will cause rusting and also rotting of the roof support especially if it is made of wood.

For the seller

As a seller, there are very many things you should considering regards to the roof just before you put your house on market for selling, these songs will help you to make your house sell fast because of the increased value. Here are some of the things you should consider doing.

Repair your roof

The first thing is to inspect the roof of your house and determine if it needs to be repaired anywhere. If there is any damaged place you can go ahead and call your roofer. There is no need to assume that your roof is just fine because you have been staying there or someone else has stayed there before. There are some damages that come out gradually and so it is better to deal with the signs just before they turn into a real damage. Check for any leaks and rotten trusses among other things to make sure that your roof is safe for people to live under it.

You can replace your roof

What every seller would wish for is a higher price of the house; this can only be achieved if you increase the value of your house. The best way of doing this is to replace your roof with a new one, a new roof for your house will; give it a decent look that will definitely be a bargaining tool and will consequently increase the value of your house. This is very important also to prevent future damage of the house. It is important to sell the house assured that the buyer will live in the house for a longer time before it they go for repair again.

Clean your roof

This is very important; you should remove any debris that is available on the roof, the common type of dirt that will be found on the roof is normally tree leaves and branches which will cause rusting of the roof. You should make sure that you have cleared all from m the roof top and even trim the hanging branches that are very close to the roof.