Why Metal Roofing is so Energy Efficient

When it comes to roofing, metal roofing trumps most other types of roofing materials in the energy efficiency department. Why is metal roofing so energy efficient? We outline some of the top reasons below.

Reflecting Heat

Since the sun is high above us in the sky, the sun primarily shines down on your roof as opposed to other sections of your home. Metal in general, reflects most of the solar radiation from the sun, so a metal roof will reflect the solar radiation that hits your roof. Even the most basic, unpainted metal products will reflect a considerable amount of the sun’s light back to the sky, rather than being absorbed into the attic with other types of roofing materials. When a metal roof is painted with a reflective paint, it adds an additional layer of reflection to the metal roof allowing it to reflect the sun’s rays further away from you home.

Re-Emitting Heat

Metal products are top notch when it comes to blocking heat, but adding a proper finish to your metal roof allows it to re-emit up to 90% of its absorbed heat. This prevent the roof not only from heating up too quickly but also helps keep it cool. A highly reflective and emissive metal roof coating prevents your home from overheating during warmer weather, and helps to keep your home cooling costs lower.

Metal Roofs keep your Attic Cool

Metal roofing systems often come with build-in ventilation systems that help to maintain a cooler indoor attic climate. Since the sun is only one of the many sources of heat for your home, it is important to have efficient intake and exhaust ventilation systems in place to expel the moist air that your home generates. This helps eliminate excessive humidity and moisture build up that can lead to much larger problems such as mould and mildew growth.

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