Why Roof Safety is so Important

When you need work done on your roof – either replacing the entire roof or simply re-roofing, you need to ensure that you hire a roofing company that is not only worried about preventing any damage to your home as well as preventing a personal injury or accident occurs.

So, it is extremely important that the roofing company develops, implements, and maintains the right safety measures when workers are on the roof.

The truth is that roofs are a dangerous place. Even if the roof workers are used to this kind of work, the reality is that roofs are not only high as well as they have a slope and you may not know where you are footing all the time.

Slippery Conditions

With Canada’s weather, and especially during the Winter, roofs can be extremely dangerous. All the rain, ice, snow, and even the moisture, are all concerns when someone is working on a roof, even when the roof is flat with gravel. So, it’s important that the company has their employees using correct footwear.

Extreme Heat

While during the Winter, roof workers can easily skip, during Summer they are subjected to an extreme heat due to the sun. This puts the employees at risk of heat stroke or dehydration.

Ductwork and Vents

Most roofs include some ductwork and vents that obstruct the view of the entire roof. So, when workers aren’t careful, they may not see an obstacle in their way. So, it’s very important that the roofing company has their employees using harnesses.


In order to access the roof, workers will need to use a ladder in most occasions. So, roof workers need to ensure that the ladder is stable and well-secured.

Loose Debris, Wires and Trees

Trips and falls are, unfortunately, very frequent among roof workers. The truth is that there is a lot going on on the roof and you may not even be aware of. There are often electrical wires, tree branches, and other debris that can easily limit the worker’s view. This is why harnesses and the right footwear are so important.

So, what can roof companies do to maintain the home or building intact as well as to maintain the safety of the roof workers?

Roof workers, just like any kind of worker, needs to have the right training and learn how to use their equipment and tools in the most efficient way.

The reality is that the training will allow roof workers to know more about what they can expect to find when working on a roof as well as to know what they need to do to prevent injuries and accidents. In addition, training roof workers to know how to react in case an accident occurs is also important.

In addition, roof workers need to work with a wide variety of tools and equipment. These include circular saws, nail guns, tin snips, hammers, among many others, depending on the job they need to perform. By teaching roof workers how to work with all these tools in a secure environment will help them be safer when working on the roof.

Besides these measures, it’s important that roof companies educate their workers towards safety. So, the use of the right footwear and harnesses is crucial.