Advancements in Roofing Technologies

Technology has advanced in almost everything in the world making things easier and convenient. The building industry has not been left behind in this. The sector that has seen most of the improvements in technological advances in building is roofing. At the moment, many people are adopting hi-tech roofs on both their commercial and residential structures. The roof has been developing to have more functions than the traditional one of protecting people against harsh weather, now the roofs are fitted with more advanced technology that can even enable them to harness solar energy for use in the houses. In this article I will be exploring some of the major technological advances that have been done to the roof and how important they are.

1. Roof Insulation

This is one of the major technological advances that have been done on the roof. Insulation is very important, it helps a lot in controlling the transfer of heat in your house. The traditional roofs are not able to make any regulation of the temperature hence the temperature of the house will change with the temperature of the outside environment which is very costly because people have to buy the heating and cooling machines. The insulation helps achieve high R-values when used together with the polymeric blends and glass fibers hence reducing the consumption of energy because there will be no more heating or cooling of the house whether in winter or summer.

2. Fireproof Roofs

Fire is very common in homes and so this advancement is very good for every home. This involves adding more materials on the roof to prevent the roof from burning down; some of the materials that can be used include wood shingles, volcanic rocks materials, slate, tiles and even metals, these kinds of materials works by absorbing the heat which helps in preventing it from spreading to the roof. The material itself can burn down but the roof will still be intact. This is the best way of making sure that your modern roof will not burn down in case of fire.

3. Solar Roofs

These are the most advanced type of roofs; they involve using solar panels as a roofing material for the entire roof. These are the best types especially when you live in a sunny climate. The best thing about these types of roofs is that they are very affordable compared to many other roof materials, another good thing is that the panels gather the energy from the sun and converts it into electrical energy which can be used in the house to run electrical devices or for heating water, this is very convenient because they will cut off the expenses of having to pay for electricity bills. Another important benefit is that the solar roof acts as an insulator to your house too, the heat from the sun is absorbed by the panels and so it does not penetrate into the house to cause any harm.

4. Flat Roof Membrane

Flat roofs also has got an advance in technology; the membrane is introduced to help the roof be able to control the temperatures in the house especially those very cold seasons. There are two commonly used materials as the membranes one being polyvinyl chloride, famously known as PVC and the second one is thermoplastic polyolefin which is known as TPO most of the times. These two materials are commonly used because they perform so well when it comes to regulation of temperature, furthermore, they are very durable, they can stay long before they wear out.

5. Cool Roofs

This is very effective and good roof advancement especially in the times of summer or in very hot areas, a cool roof is very important because it will save a lot of money used to pay for the electrical bills that result from cooling the house using a cooling machine. First the roof is designed in a way that it can reflect the heat that comes directly from the sun and absorbs very little heat hence keeping the house cool all the times. First the roof utilizes ventilations mostly to make sure that air is circulating, the hot air moves out and the cold air from outside moves in. These materials are a good choice because they also reduce the amount of energy consumption of energy in the house making life cheaper.

6. Synthetic Roofs

These types of roofs are very good for you because of their cheap prices and durability. There are such materials like slates and terracotta which are the best because they can as well regulate the temperature of the house.

Benefits of technologically advanced roofs

There are very many benefits of the advanced technology roof, here are some of them;

  • They are durable- these types of roofs can stay for a very long time, for instance, the solar roof, the PVC and TOP used for flat roofs, all the materials
  • They are cost effective- most of the materials here are aiming at regulating the temperature, this means that the cost of electricity that is used for running the cooling and heating machine will be reduced hence reduced cost on bills.
  • Easy to maintain- most of these roofs are very easy to maintain and very cheap, most of them will need very low cost of repairing and not as frequently as traditional types because they are very durable.
  • Easily replaceable- the best thing about the materials used in making the roofs can be found all over the stores for replacement purposes; this makes it very convenient for a buyer. And the materials are cheap too hence you won’t get a problem repairing or replacing them.