Advantages of Commercial Flat Roofing

The exterior of a commercial property is a focal point for potential customers. The higher the curb appeal, the more likely a potential customer is to stop in for a visit. Material, colour schemes, landscaping and signage all play an important role in commercial curb appeal.

One area that should receive attention for every commercial building is the roof. It may not be the first thing people see, or something they see at all, but the roofing system is a critical element to the operation and success of a business. Your building’s roof is the single most important element in protection for your building, your customers, and the contents of the building itself.

A flat roofing system is generally the recommended practice for commercial properties. For owners of such Vancouver area properties, there are some major reasons why you should favour commercial flat roofing over traditional roofing styles seen on residential homes.

Advantages of commercial flat roofing vs. traditional shingle roof systems

  • Easier to install, providing lower installation costs
  • Lower maintenance and repair costs
  • Allows for additional usable space on the top floor of buildings
  • Easily accessible for maintenance and repairs
  • Higher wind resistance and decreased storm damage
  • Allows for the potential of green roofing systems
  • Higher energy efficiency

The majority of commercial flat roofs are composed of various types of membrane materials such as thermoplastics, synthetic rubber and modified bitumen. They materials usually come in and are installed in long sheets which are sealed along the seams and edges, creating a high-quality seal on your commercial property.

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