Why do Commercial Buildings use Flat Roofs?

Commercial buildings and apartment buildings across the country generally have one thing in common – they all have flat roofs. The process of installing a flat roof usually contains a mineral felt that covers the surface area with gravel put on top to protect from heat and UV light. Today, modern options such as rubber materials or PVC are commonly used as it offers greater stability and is more reliable. There are a couple of major advantages for commercial buildings using flat roofs including cost and increased space.


When it comes to commercial buildings and apartment buildings, the cost of a flat roof is significantly less than a sloped roof. This is because a commercial flat roof requires significantly less materials and labour versus building the frame for a sloped roof. The surface area of a flat roof is also smaller which provides less opportunity for damage and leaks and less maintenance in return. Most commercial buildings already have reinforced walls and interior supports throughout the building which makes it easier for them to support the weight of a flat roof and requires less modification.

Flat roofing materials have drastically improved over the years which further reduces the risks for leaks or damage from the weather and elements combined with water being redirected off the edges of the roof to prevent damage.

Increased Space

One of the major reasons for utilizing a flat roof on commercial buildings and apartment buildings is the space that is created using a flat roof. A flat roof provides a great opportunity for hiding bulky elements used by commercial buildings and apartment buildings such as Air conditioning units or gas cylinders. In some locations like major metropolitan areas, this is the only outdoor space available for these units.

Flat roofing has grown to become a cost effective and space efficient way to build commercial buildings. If you’re in the market for a commercial roofing contractor in Vancouver, get in touch with the team at In Awe Roofing. Our commercial roofing team would be happy to assist.