Benefits of Roofing

Your roof stays over your head 24/7 it protects you and your possesions, it saves you from sunlight, wind, rain and other natural elements. Thus, your roof deserves to be taken care of. If you find out that you need some maintenance call a roofing company right away before everything becomes more long lasting and problematic. A good roof increases the value of your home, makes it comfortable and clean. Let’s look into some reasons why you need to have a good roof:

A New Roof Helps Prevent Health Hazards

An old roof and shingles may the damage the insulation in the attic, this will result in cooler or warmer air leaking from your home. Moreover, old shingles may have some bacteria, viruses, molds and moss trapped which may contaminate the entire air the house. Growth of moss or molds  are very dangerous and hard to get rid off, if they spread in the entire house they cause various health issues like asthma, skin allergies and other respiratory diseases. Now you have more things to worry about besides your old roof. Diseases caused by moss, mold and other bacteria in your home require immediate attention and treatment. This results in increased amount of medical and utility bills. It is in your best interest to get your roof repaired.

A Good Roof Adds Value To Your Home

A good roof not only makes your house look good but it also increases the sustainability of your entire house. It is a sign that you have taken care of your house and maintained it. A new roof attracts a large number of clients if you put your house up for sale and it boosts the overall resale as well, even if you do not, it still will give a cleaner and newer look to your property. It is a finishing touch in making your home look good and valuable. 

A New Roof Saves Energy

According, to the modern research the insulating material in the attic area helps to consume less energy, since a good and newly replaced insulating material traps air inside the house and cooler or warmer air stays inside the house, you will experience less electric bill. It also ensures the rising heat is minimum so that the snow on top of you roof does not melt during cold seasons  which ultimately, results in less ice dams on your roof which cause roof damage.

A Good Roof Saves Walls From Damage

If your roof is leaky, water will ruin your walls and plaster. Trapped dirt and other impurities in water become a breeding ground for molds and moss, due to leaky walls there are  higher chances of slip and full hazards and in worst case, water can trickle down to the electric wires and this is way too risky and dangerous it could result in you or anyone else getting electrocuted. Leaky roofs could also effect your valuable belongings such as electronics, furniture, flooring  etc. A leaky roof effects your wall paint, if the walls retain water for a long time their plaster starts to expand, paint starts to turn into a dull gray and then it peels off. Such walls cannot be represented and you need to address this issue immediately. Do not hesitate to contact your trusty roofer and get your roof fixed.

Roofs Conserve the Environment

As mentioned earlier, a roof saves energy consumption, cool roofs also reduce the need of air conditioner which results in less posionous and harmful gases that are released from air conditioners such as chloroflurocarbons, hydro-chloroflurocarbons and other green house gases that result in ozone depletion.

Increased Safety

People living under old and worn out roofs are prone to fall victim to incidents such as electrocution due to leakages and other injuries. An old chunk of wet and expanded plaster wall with peeled paint and termite or other micro organisms growing on it can fall down on your assets or even you! It is a better option to get a new roof repaired or replaced  by your nearby roofing contractor. A new replaced or repaired roof will not only ensure your safety but your assets safety as well.