How Snow and Ice Impact Your Roof

No matter which country we live in, we all can agree on this one point that snowfall makes us happy. Some countries get a chance to witness it more often than others and some might not even get the opportunity because of their hot weather all year, but what if this same snowfall which makes our Christmas happier and our lives more cheerful becomes a reason of our worry?

Well, we all know that heavy snowfall and ice does not only come with snowman, there are pros and cons to everything and so is the case with snow. Speaking of the disadvantages, the thing which suffers the most is our ROOFS.

Roof tops have to face most of the pain in this weather and in some cases afterwards as well, which eventually results in pain and stress for us who tend to live under them. This might sound a bit too exaggerated but so is the impact of snow and ice on your roof. One can make a list of ways in which the rooftops are affected badly because of the ice. Some of those factors may include:

Pressure: the word might sound as one of the characteristics of human beings as they face it because of their boss or family at certain points in life, but trust me when I say this; we are not alone in it. Because of the snow, our roof faces a lot more pressure and stress that its capacity to bear. This may result in a slight change in the shape of the roof as it will as a result tilt downwards, forming a curve. The roof might eventually cave in because of the overloaded weight of snow which is definitely not useful for the residents.

Roof Shingles: if a person consistently shifts from hot weather to cold and vice versa, he/she will eventually get sick. Same is the case with the roof shingles, the constant melting and freezing of ice up there causes severe damage to it and shortens the lifespan.

Cracks: you might think that how is it possible for snow to create cracks in your roof? You might be right on this but the snow can definitely enlarge the tiny negligible cracks in your roof to big prominent ones. It can be regarded as the never ending cycle, first the melting ice pokes in through the small cracks, it might start leaking then and there, but if it doesn’t, it will just freeze there, which will eventually cause the size to increase. Either ways, it is not good for the house or for that matter, the roof.

Fixing it: this may appear as the solution but it can further impact your roof. Removing snow is not a work which everyone and anyone can do. Hence, in the process of you trying to fix it, you might damage the roof a whole lot more.

One cannot stop snowfall or these issues but what can be done is prevention. When you know that that time of the year is around, stay cautious and try to fix your roofs beforehand if they are already damaged.