How to De-Ice Your Roof

Roofs, being one of the main reasons why we can sleep easily at night even in extreme weather conditions, also need a bit of care and attention. One cannot just replace a roof in every ten years or something and sit relaxed for the next turn when you are left with no option but to replace it. Every winters, the roof is deeply affected by the snowfall. Yes, they do save us from snow, that is one of the main functions of it but excessive snow can definitely be a reason to worry. This is when you need to De-Ice your roof in order to be satisfied about your safety.

There are several ways that one can use to de-ice the snow but one needs to understand that they might not be the permanent solutions to your problems and you might need to stay cautious throughout the winters. Nevertheless, lets not waste anymore time and directly move on to some simple but helpful ways of de-icing that excessive amount of snow on your roof:

  1. Heat Cable: these might not be the best solution to your problem and for some, it may even occur to be overly priced as well depending upon which one are you choosing and why. However, if you can afford them, you should definitely make a wise choice before finalizing it, if not; lets move on to the other alternative.
  2. Chemicals: this might sound a bit risky but is certainly one of the effective ways if used correctly. Chemicals do not only involve the concentrated solutions out there in the market place which by the way are designed for the very purpose of de-icing your roof, one can also use rock salt for the above mentioned purpose. The thing which is important with this method is to be very cautious as it may involve using a ladder to spread the chemical evenly and so one needs to be watchful while doing it. However, this method may take longer to give expected results.
  3. Break the Ice: roofs usually cover large surface area, which means large portions of ice on it. The simple phenomena that we all are aware of is that it takes less time for a smaller piece of ice to melt as compared to the big ones. Breaking the ice on your roof in to smaller pieces is your way to go. However, you need to be very careful as the tools might even damage the roof, you can call a company to provide services if you are unsure that you would be able to do it.
  4. Ice Pick: this one is a more common way of doing it. Using an ice pick is always effective but to go through the process, one needs to focus completely and make sure that you don’t hurt yourself.

To conclude, we all know that with good things comes the bad as well, that is what life is all about. While enjoying the snowfall, one cannot neglect the possible risks attached to it, whatever you do, the most essential thing is to be safe!