Most Common Types of Roof Damage

Our roofs serve as protectors. They protect us, the house and everything we own inside of it. But, like anything else in our lives, it will need a little help. It’s just a fact that roofs get damaged. It’s important to know what causes roof damage so you can get the repairs done quickly. You want to get ahead of there being any more damage. It can spread rather quickly and end up costing you a lot more.


High winds, thunderstorms, hail storms, high heat,  and deep cold, will all cause damage. Experienced roofers know that shingles can get broken, ripped up and this can cause open spaces where water and moisture can get in.

In winter, moisture gets in and then freezes. It will expand and can cause quite a bit of damage, not just to the shingles but the roof below. Leaks are one of the worst results and need to be fixed quickly.

Hailstones will really give your roof a beating. They have been known to break shingles and tear them right off. Hurricanes are going to wreak havoc on your roof, as well, if they even leave you with one.


Age catches up with us all and your shingles will not be exempt. They may be getting old, weak, and brittle. There may have also been a few repairs in the past. This can start to wear down the roof.

If the warranty has run out, it might be time for a new roof. They will only last so long and withstand so much repair before there is just no point.

Foot Traffic

If you have the type of roof that you can get on and hang out on, it can cause damages. It might seem like a cool idea, and it likely is, but it will wear the shingles down and even rip them up.

Improper Installation

Very often, the reason people need roof repairs is because of improper installation work. Perhaps the last contractor simply roofed over old shingles, didn’t use underlayment, or, didn’t install proper flashing.

They may have used poor or no roof sealants at all or didn’t fasten or overlap shingles correctly. There are plenty of shortcuts that contractors will take to save time and money. They end up costing more time and money.

Not Keeping Up With Repairs

Staying on top of repairs is so important to the life and health of your roof. This is where an inspection will come in very handy. Even if you haven’t had any of the above, you still need to give your roof a once over every year.

Small repairs will make a big difference. A small leak can turn into such a big problem. Once the water starts getting through, you are going to find more damage below.

Keep the gutters clean, get the roof cleaned off, and inspected regularly. In particular, after a storm, you need to assess the damages. It is far better to pay a small amount to have the repairs than to have to replace the entire roof and perhaps the contents of your home.