Various Waterproofing Products

All buildings such as residential, industrial and commercial need waterproofing. Simply it is defined as, keeping water which is unwanted from dry areas of living such as terraces, living rooms, bedrooms, walls and basements and also keep water in the areas which are wet such as kitchens, sanitary areas, bathrooms, swimming pools and tanks of water.

Selection of Waterproofing Products

Concrete is a versatile and widely used material of building. It has desirable properties of engineering. You can mold it in different shapes and is a material which is cost-effective. The concrete use is increased in high-rise buildings and infrastructure all over the world. Capillary pores are present in concrete though which liquids or gases can be passed under pressure. Various types of products have been selected for waterproofing of different supplies. 

Types of Waterproofing Products

Many products of waterproofing are available commercially. These can be applied for different products. Mainly, two products of waterproofing are effectively used. These include liquid-applied membranes or integral compounds of waterproofing.

1. Tamseal admix:

The commercially available product of waterproofing is Tamseal Admix. At batching time, it is added in concrete. Crystals will be formed that will make the concrete waterproof. Tamseal Admix has addition rate in between 0.8 to 1.2 percent of cement by weight. There are three methods to add Tamseal Admix into the concrete.

Operation by dry batch:

  Add the power of Tamseal to ready-mix truck’s drum.

Operation by central mixing:

Tamseal powder is mixed with water, then added into concrete by plant of ready-mix.

Pan mixer:

The Tamseal powder is mixed with aggregate, it is then mixed with water and cement.

This tamseal admix is used for marine application, basements, reservoirs, water tanks, civil substructures and structures that retain water.

2. Admix of Xypex C-1000NF:

This is a method of treatment with chemical for waterproofing, improvement and protection of concrete. Admix of Xypex C-1000NF can be added to mix of concrete at batching time. It contains Portland cement with various chemicals of active proprietary. The moisture present in the concrete reacts with chemicals and also with hydrated cement by-product which results in catalytic reaction. This reaction results in the formation of non-soluble crystals in all the capillary tracks and pores of concrete which seals the concrete permanently. It prevents the water or other liquids to penetrate from anywhere. The C-series of Xypex Admix is formulated specially to meet various projects and conditions of temperature. This product is used for sewage, reservoirs and plants of water treatment, roof decks, swimming pools, basements, parking and foundation structures and tunnels and subway systems.

This product is of various advantages. Some of these are;

• Resistance fir hydrostatic pressure extremes. It is either negative or positive surface of slab of concrete.

• It is an important constituent of substrate.

• It has high resistance for destructive chemicals.

• Hairline cracks which are up to 0.4mm can be sealed.

• Allow breathing of concrete.

• It is permanent and non-toxic.

• It is added to concrete during batching time and so is not affected to restraints of climate.

• Flexibility in scheduling of construction is increased.

3. Admix of Penetron.

This admix is careful as an important admix of waterproofing. It is added at batching time to concrete. Reactive chemicals are present in penetron admix. These chemicals react with the concrete moisture for the generations of non-soluble crystals. It is formed in all capillaries and pores present in fresh concrete. It is used in reservoirs, tunnels, treatment of plants, foundations, precast products and swimming pools.

4. Xypex Concentrate.

Liquid applied treatment of chemical, xypex concentrate, is used for repairing of concrete and waterproofing. Therefore, it is applied in the treatment of surface with the chemicals which penetrates in concrete and form a crystal which block capillaries and pores. It is used on surface using spray of brush, xypex powder and water mix in ratio of 5:2 to form a slurry. Depending on conditions, one or two coats are applied on surface. The second coat must be applied when the initial time of setting has reached. Then it should be cured by spraying water twice or thrice in a day. The product is used for plants of water treatment, reservoirs, roof decks, swimming pools and foundation.

5. Brush bond.

Brush bond is acrylic powder which is modified product of cementitious coatings. It is used for masonry and concrete surfaces. It is flexible material of waterproofing which is liquid-applied. It is used for waterproofing of tanks, reservoirs, toilets, basement, kitchen and gutter of concrete. 3.5 parts powder and 1part liquid are Mixed to form a slurry. It helps to brush normally. Do not add water. Apply two perpendicular coats on the surface. Then carry out curing process.

6.  K11 Flex

 A two-part flexible acrylic polymer which is a system of cementitious coating is K11 flex. It is used on masonry or concrete surface. It is used in slabs of roofs, kitchen, swimming pools, balconies, toilets and tanks of water. Well prepare the surface. Then wet it down before application. 1.5 parts powder and 1-part liquid is mixed to make thin slurry for normal application of site. Apply it on surface. For best results, two perpendicular coats should be given. Use local practices for curing.


The choice of right product is very important. It gives impermeable and durable structure of concrete and anticipated life. All products are different but their datasheets look similar. It is different to know about the real product with good quality. The cost of waterproofing is 1% of total expenditure of building but if poor quality waterproofing is done then it can damage about 75% of building. Therefore, is should be kept in mind to use the quality products in waterproofing of your roofs.  It is good that the roof should be inspected twice in a year to check proper drain functioning, debris removal, membrane status checking and its repairing according to requirement.