5 Reasons You Need a Commercial Roof Inspection

Your business is your livelihood. Working hard inside is fine but you need to give the building some attention, too. Problems with your roof will mean problems inside where you work, as well. Getting an inspection for your commercial roof is very important. Weather is only one reason that your roof can become damaged, but it’s enough. Here are five.

Recent Storm Damage

Heavy rains, snow, lightning strikes, and any other type of severe weather you may experience can really do a lot of damage to your roof. Get the roof checked right after the storm.

This way, if there is any damage, you can rest assured it will be fixed and not be left to cause any more. Water and moisture can really make matters so much worse.

It may not seem like there was any damage but a professional will know where to look and what to look for. Pools of water sitting will not always evaporate, sometimes they are absorbed into the roof.

Regular Cleaning And Maintenance

Keeping the roof, the vents, your drains, and gutters cleaned are all part of keeping your roof in good condition. Over time, there can be a large collection of vegetation, debris, garbage, animals, and anything else that gets carried up by the wind.

The drains need to be cleared to make sure there are no blockages which can cause even more damage. The drainpipes and the gutters take a beating throughout the year.

If there are trees or other types of plants that are close to the roof, they can either break off and cause damage or even attach themselves to the building and the roof.

Roots growing under tiles or shingles will take over quickly, lifting up the surface, and compromising the roof and insulation.

Leak Assessment

Leaks can happen from almost anywhere. Chances are, by the time the water reaches you, it has already caused significant damage.

You shouldn’t wait until your work area is full of buckets before you address the problem of the leaks. Find them before you need the bucket. Once the water gets into the roof and the insulation, you are looking at far bigger repairs.


There is almost always something that can be fixed on your commercial roof. Often, they are more exposed than a residential roof. They may sit unprotected through harsh weather, beating heatwaves and dropping temperatures.

Keeping up on the repairs keeps the roof in better condition for much longer. If you still have a warranty, it is very important you get these repairs done quickly. These can lead to other problems that may not be covered in your warranty.


Large open vents, holes, broken vents, and easy access areas are all very popular with thieves.

Leaks in the building can also short out the electrical system. This is not ideal from a security standpoint. A large skylight that is broken can be accessed without much force.