Roofing Materials: EPDM

EPDM is one of the most durable synthetic types of rubber roofing membrane known as ethylene propylene diene terpolymer in full and is extensively used on the low-slow building. The two primary ingredients that have been used to make this type of roofing include ethylene and propylene which are derivatives of natural gas and oil. They are available in both white and black. They may have easily been installed either mechanically attached or ballasted, fully adhered, with the seams of the roofing system sealed with either specially formulated tape or liquid adhesives.

In addition, this is one of the safest forms of roofing given that there is no asphalt, open flame or extremely heavy machinery that is required to install this type of roof. In addition, there are fewer seams that are associated with the EPDM roof system and details as well as it is available in large rolls. It is also a lightweight single ply membrane meaning it decreases the amount of weight that is exerted on the building structure.

Product Quality

The EPDM roofing material has been manufactured for a period of over 50 years. Over the years it has been able to prove on its record performance and quality control. It is made up of high-quality polymers and is energy efficient when it comes to its manufacturing and installation than flat roof systems.

Benefits of EPDM

Long Lasting: The EPDM roofing systems are able to stay for up to 50 years without damage making very convenient. At times, it may even end up staying for a longer period.

Cost Effective: The best thing about the EPDM is the fact that it is actually the cheapest roofing system I the market for any commercial building owners. Hence, one is able to have quality at a very fair price.

Resistance: The EPDM roofing system is one of the best roofing systems given that it is UV resistant, fireproof and can withstand any weather condition making it affordable and durable at the same time. This then is able to save on costs as one need not start investing in repairs that may end up being quite costly.

Highly Flexible: Regardless of there being a storm or there being very extreme conditions outside, this roofing system tends to stretch or constrict itself depending on the degrees outside, nevertheless, it is also able to repel moisture.

Fast Installation: The reason as to why this form of roofing is normally easily installed is the fact that it has incredible power bonding coating that is used along with the durable material placed in order to bond with the coating. Hence, making it a very simple task.

Energy Efficient: Nevertheless, energy is something that needs to be conserved at all times and the EPDM is able to help with just that. Instead of one having to pay extra due to a decrease in temperature or too much heat in the house, one may easily go ahead and just have the roofing installed instead. This saves the money both in purchasing and installation and also in terms of energy efficiency.

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